Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier

The Winix 5500-2 was one of the quietest air purifiers we tested. It also performed well for its price range, killing 99.97 percent of airborne pollutants in testing, with only minimal improvement when we installed Winix’s optional HEPA filter.

The 5500-2 can be set to auto mode, where it will automatically adjust fan speed based on the quality of the air. The remote control is one of the best we tested, with an intuitive interface and large buttons that are easy to use while you’re lying in bed.

The 5500-2 has a few extra features that make it stand out. First is the option to buy replacement carbon filter packs—a first in our testing. We don’t know how much they cost, but we do know that it’s unusual to have to replace an air purifier’s filter every three months.

The second unique feature is that the 5500-2 includes a washable pre-filter—something our previous testing showed was better at trapping large particles than HEPA filter alternatives. On top of that, it’s quieter than most other purifiers in its class.


Distinct bluish-purple glow from the LED lights 80%
Sleep mode 70%
Great remote control 63%
Good at trapping small particles 68%


Purifies relatively poorly for its price class 85%
Not good at removing odors 69%
Too bulky to move around easily 60%

Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier FAQs

My 5300-2 came with a remote however it turns my TV off and on too (Samsung) so I don’t use it lol. Honestly the c535, 5500-2, and 5300-2 are damn near identical except for small difference. For this reason I would go with the one that offers the best price as they are all excellent!
If you’re as sensitive to odors as I am, you will probably notice a tart, unpleasant plastic odor, yes. I recommend giving the top of the unit where the air comes out a good, long whiff before you bother turning it on. That’s the way the air the unit pushes out is going smell. I ended up having to return it.
Well this is an interesting question. The manual PDF from the Winix website shows 1 year on page 23. However, the printed manual that came in the box with the machine says 2 years on page 15. The warranty text is the same on these pages is exactly the same, other than the specified warranty period. The manuals have other differences, so I don’t know which one contains the right answer.
We purchased the 5500-2 because of wildfire smoke. We find it makes a big difference in the smoke smell inside our bedroom, which has become our “safe room” where we retreat from the smoke which is with us now (as of 9/13/20 in Nevada City, CA) more than ever. Our irritated and gritty eyes, sore lungs and sinuses and body aches are much less now than before we got the unit. The sensor shows yellow (and sometimes red) light when we open a door, but goes to blue again within a few minutes, so it seems to be working fairly sensitively. Can’t give scientific measurements, but this is our experience.

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