VTAR Ozone Purifier, 500mg/h Air purifier

If you want to do something about air pollution, but can‘t afford a highend purifier, the VTAR Ozone Purifier is for you. It costs less than half of the average price for air purifiers and is also more than twice as effective at removing pollutants from the air as the rest of the group.

To put these numbers in perspective, we ran another test after the initial round and found that this purifier reduced PM 2.5 by 71 percent and PM 10 by 77 percentthe highest scores in those categories. The purifier also has ventilator and fan speed options, an ozone light that turns on when the device is in use (so you can see where it‘s spewing ozone), and a large tank that holds 500 milliliters of water.

This purifier is clearly designed with children in mind, too: It comes with two interchangeable diffuser stones, one in the shape of a smiley face and one in the shape of a teddy bear.


Very good at removing pollutants from the air 80%
Removes bad odors 70%
Cleans water, fruits, and vegetables 63%
Very intuitive controls 68%


Expensive for an air purifier 85%
Requires running water through it to create ozone 69%
Some may be turned off by running water through an air purifier 60%

VTAR Ozone Purifier, 500mg/h Air purifier FAQs

It send out air thru the tube. I run it into a sink with water to clean produce.
Yes it will do it . Ozone will destroy odor. These machines put out a considerable amount of ozone. I use it to remove odor from hunting clothes in a huge plastic tote. If I were you I would place in car. Roll up windows and let it rip just make sure it’s visibly cleaned before you start and there’s none of these three things in the vehicle : people , plants or pets. It will kill what’s in there provided it runs long enough and stays shut long enough. I have rent homes and I use a bigger version for removing odors between Tennant’s and it works well. Ozone has a unique clean smell. Kinda new carish kinda smell. Anyway use it till smell is gone. I think you’ll be happy. I will say I had a truck once as a young guy that had a bad odor. I took seats out and went to car wash high pressure soap and water then air dryed in sun and Viola clean new truck smell from old work truck. Good luck.
One-year after-sale warranty.
No it has an integrated timer. I run it typically between 15 min and 60 min.

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