VEVA ProHEPA 9000 Air Purifiers

VEVA ProHEPA 9000 Air Purifiers

There is no doubt that the VEVA ProHEPA 9000 Air Purifier stands out from the rest due to its ease of use. This device has a digital display and three buttons: Power, Mode, and Timer. Pressing the Power button turns on the purifier, and pressing it again cycles through three modes. In “Auto,” the purifier is set to medium air exchange and is so quiet that you won’t hear it. Max mode sounds like a hair dryer and exchanges the most air, making it useful for odors that need to be neutralized as soon as possible. A third mode is Timer, which lets you set an interval of two hours for the purifier to turn on and off.

During our tests, we found that this purifier reduced airborne particles by 99.9%. As far as odor reduction was concerned, it ranked among the best. As we didn’t test particle reduction while running on low power, we did test it while running on medium power, so we can assume that it will last as long as its competition.


Easy to use 80%
Inexpensive 70%
Digital controls 63%
Sleek design 68%


Limited controls and settings 85%
Not as powerful as others on our list 69%
Noisy on high settings 60%

VEVA ProHEPA 9000 Air Purifiers FAQs

According to Breathe Quality, their testing showed this air purifier’s CADR is approximately 135 CFM.
Yes the air purifier would still function without it. Its just that each filter has its function . Air filters clean the air by passing it through various filters that remove particles like mold, dust, pollen, pet dander, and more. They act as a screen to capture particles as air flows through them. The washable pre-filter uses micro-mesh technology to remove hair, pet dander, and lint.
Our high-quality, medical-grade air purifier for home use captures tiny unwanted particles traveling through your home.
Cat urine is a pretty strong odor. I would imagin it will help with litter box smells. Descriptions states; “Complete with a front panel and pre-filter panel, our air purifiers for bedroom use are great for homes with a baby, cat, or dog.” The purifier has a charcole filter which helps is eliminating odors, but since I haven’t tested it for that, I can not answer for certain. I did however noticed a difference in air quality soon after turning it on.

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