UTILE 2.1A/0.8W Air purifier

The UTILE Car Ionizer Purifier with Dual USB Charger is a neat little gadget that works well, despite its quirky design.

The face of the purifier is covered in a dozen or so tiny holes that let air flow through and out of the purifier. The holes are lined up in two rows, one in the center and one on either side. The two rows of these tiny holes are surrounded by larger circular holes.

The purifier has four buttons: Power, Mode, USB Charging, and Timer.

To set the time and date, you hold down the Timer button while you cycle through the hours and then the minutes using the Mode button. Once you’ve set your time, hold down the Timer button again to set your date. You can set it to either 12-hour or 24-hour time.

To toggle between ionization and no ionization, you press the Mode button until a red “ON” shows up below “IONIZED” on the screen. Press Power to turn it on—it’ll start purifying the air immediately. Press Power again to select “OFF” from the Mode screen.

The USB charging is sort of a gimmick, but it’s still kind of neat. The ports are exposed on either side of the purifier, so holding it while you plug your phone in isn’t that easy to do. I found it easier to prop up the purifier against my leg while I plugged my phone in to charge.

While this purifier may not be as powerful as others on this list, it does have some advantages that may be worth considering: It’s small enough that it won’t take up too much room in your car or home (even if it does have a power cord), and—unlike every other purifier on this list—it has an adjustable fan speed so you can control how much air is being circulated around your space.


Lightweight 80%
Adjustable fan speed 70%
Two USB ports 63%
Easy-to-use buttons and switches 68%


Limited USB charging capabilities 85%
Difficult to plug USB into port while holding the devicen 69%
Larger than other models 60%

UTILE 2.1A/0.8W Air purifier FAQs

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