Trettitre 27dB Air Purifiers

The Lapurifier Car Air Purifier Ionizer is an excellent option for anyone looking to purify the air in their car without breaking the bank. It‘s powerful and cuts down on odor, but it‘s expensive and doesn‘t have any extra features.

Like the other units we tested, the Lapurifier has a USB port to charge your phone or other devices. However, it‘s a bit more complicated to use than some of the other purifiers.

This is a unit you‘ll have to pull out of the box, read the instructions, and put back in your glove compartment. The fan is surprisingly quiet and strong enough to blow away odors during a short drive.

However, if you‘re looking for a unit you can use all day long, this might not be your best choice.


Powerful air purifier 80%
Cut down on odors 70%
Affordable 63%
Compact design with sleek look\ 68%


Expensive 85%
Complicated setup 69%
Not great for long-term use 60%

Trettitre 27dB Air Purifiers FAQs

No, it’s a USB plug in.
This product emits up to 1.2 million negative ions that will remove VOCs from your airspace. The fan in the ionbox is what helps disperse the negative ions into your air space quicker.
Yes, it can effectively neutralize odors and is very effective against odors caused by fires.
Yes, sure. It neutralizes odors in enclosed spaces, perfect for cars, basements, bathrooms, kitchens,, attics, bedrooms.

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