Topping UV Air Purifier

Topping Hepa Air Purifiers offer great value for money. The features you need are included, and the quality isn’t compromised.

Hepa filters trap smaller particles, and the 120-square-foot coverage area makes the purifier perfect for medium-sized rooms. If space is an issue, you can always buy two purifiers and place them back to back to cover 240 square feet.

There are three fan speeds and a button that switches between high, medium, and low, plus an ultra low setting. You can also activate the UV light to kill bacteria and other airborne nasties without using harsh chemicals.

You can add your favorite essential oil to the purifier’s unique diffuser for a pleasant scent without using harsh aerosols or propane. Although the scent seemed to last a very long time even when running at high levels, we found that it didn’t last very long at all.


Provides great value for its price 80%
Kills 97 percent of air-borne bacteria after 30 minutes 70%
Nightlight 63%
Great for small spaces 68%


Produces the most noise out of all the purifiers we tested 85%
Poor performance 69%
Only two settings 60%

Topping UV Air Purifier FAQs

Thank you for your arrive. We recommend that you could choose the three filters based on your main needs. The white: H13 True HEPA Allergens Guard Filter Better at:Eliminating airborne allergens like pollen, dust particles, smoke, relieving allergy sufferers from asthma, stuffy nose, sore throat. The green: H13 True HEPA All-Rounder Filter All round filtration: such as dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, odors, and other particles as small as 0.3 microns The black:H13 True HEPA Odor Capture Filter Better at:Filtering out cigarette smoke smell, smog, food odor, paint and glue smell, pet odor, and VOCs Hope this will help you.
You only see a tiny blue light when it’s on. Hardly visible. It’s pretty quiet when set on 1 or 2. If set in 3 you can hear it but it’s not annoying.
sure you could leave it on all day and night. The machine will purify the air for you continuously. Any problem pls let us know freely.
It is supposed to disinfect. UV lights are used in hotel rooms now to kill virus and other airborne contaminants. Does it work? Who knows but it was worth a try. I do feel the rooms I have these filters in are a lot fresher than the rooms where I don’t have a filter yet.

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