TALLDU Negative Ion Plug-in Air Purifier

The TALLDU negative ion plugin air purifier is designed to trap odorcausing particles in the air and neutralize them.

Its inexpensive, comes with an AC power supply, and purifies a room up to 900 square feet. While it didnt have better odoreliminating power than other purifiers in our roundup, it did have the least expensive price.

If youre looking for a budget purifier, this could be a good choice for you. It has a simple on/off button and a light that indicates when the purifier is working. You should be able to notice a difference in your air quality immediately after turning it on.


Inexpensive 80%
Compact design 70%
Ionic air purifier 63%
Good Amazon reviews 68%


Didn't remove odors as well as other purifiers we tested 85%
Can't be disassembled for cleaning 69%
Weak negative ion output 60%

TALLDU Negative Ion Plug-in Air Purifier FAQs

This anion generator is suitable for 100-220V AC, no USB, plug – in power supply.
Hello, this negative ion air purifier will circulate after it is powered on. Usually, the effective area is 20-30 square meters, and it is suggested that each room should have at least one
this device works for 2 hours at a time, automatically sleeps for 20 minutes, and just keeps doing it, as long as it’s plugged in.
This is a small negative ion generator, will not quickly purify the air, but will continue to release negative ions, in order to achieve the purpose of purifying the air, without any noise, can be used in beauty parlors, is helpful to you.

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