TALLDU Negative Ion Plug In(4 Pack) Air purifier

The TALLDU Negative Ion Plug In is a great choice for anyone who wants to purify the air in a small space. It‘s a plugin device that releases negative ions into the air, purifying it and neutralizing odors.

This device also has an on/off button so you can turn it off when you don‘t want the light shining at night. The TALLDU is a great choice for purifying small spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms.

While there are more powerful ionizers out there, this one still managed to rank high because of its ease of use and affordability. Its setup is intuitive: just insert the prongs into the outlet and you‘re ready to go.

It‘s also very affordable and easy to find online or at places like Amazon and eBay, where you can find multiple packs at a discount.


Easy to set up and use 80%
Affordable 70%
Great at neutralizing odors 63%
Attractive design 68%


Longer cook-time for odors compared to TaoRen 85%
No LED screen for more detailed info about air quality 69%

TALLDU Negative Ion Plug In(4 Pack) Air purifier FAQs

It produces negative ions that attract the positive ions, no ozone.
Made in China, sold in America.
This device can purify the air by releasing a large amount of negative ions, without the need to replace the filter element. plug it in, keep working, you can’t see any difference, but the air is clean. The equipment will be used all the time unless it breaks down.
You can plug it any way you want, it doesn’t affect the release of anions.

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