ScentLok OZ Radial Nano Air purifier

The ScentLok OZ Radial Nano is a portable ozone generator. Its one of the most powerful we tested, but its also the only one that requires an AC adapter to charge.

The ScentLok can run for up to 4 hours, and it has four operating modes: regular, max, regular cycle, and max cycle. We found that max cycle mode was the most effective, so we ran it for roughly 2 hours before running out of battery life.

While you can run this device in any mode without being plugged in, youll have to keep an eye on the battery level, because theres no battery life indicator. When it dies, you can plug it in and recharge it fully in about 2 hours.

This ozone generator is a good choice if you want the maximum amount of odoreliminating power in a small package. It‘s also more powerful than the rest of our contenders, which means you may not need to run it for as long to get rid of some odors.


Compact 80%
lightweight 70%
Comparable run-time to other air purifiers 63%
easy to carry 68%


Requires AC adapter to recharge 85%
No battery life indicator 69%
Weak odor control 60%

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