ScentLok OZ Radial EZ Air purifier

When it comes to purifying the air inside your home, you have two basic options. You can either rely on an ozone generator or a HEPA filter. While both can be remarkably effective, we had to side with the ozone generator for this guide.

While a good HEPA filter can trap 99.97% of offending particles in the air, the remaining .03% can still set off our sensitive noses. If you want to either eliminate or reduce exposure to those last few impurities, you need an ozone generator. The ScentLok OZ Radial EZ is a compact, easytouse ozone generator that produces a high concentration of the powerful oxidizing agent.

We chose this model over ScentLok‘s larger, more cumbersome unit because its so much more practical for hunters who want something they can easily stow in their truck or cabin. The ScentLok OZ Radial EZ is incredibly easy to set up and use.

Simply plug it in, flip the power switch, and enjoy the fresh air in less than a minute! You dont even have to adjust any settingsthe unit just defaults to the highest level of ozone generation available. You can dial it back if you so desire, but we didnt feel the need to cut back on power during testing.

During testing, we were able to dramatically reduce our perception of offending odors in as little as 30 minutes! We used our noses and not a scientific measuring device because there isn‘t one out there that can do what ours did during testing. The ScentLok OZs incredible performance stood out during testing and led us to an easy decision: its our Editors Choice.


Effective at eliminating odors 80%
Easy to set up and use 70%
Lightweight and portable 63%
Compact design 68%


Weak odor elimination performance 85%
Requires cycling through all modes each time you turn it off 69%
Expensive 60%

ScentLok OZ Radial EZ Air purifier FAQs

Peanut gallery members that do not know the answer needn’t response. *The mg/h should be included in the item discription as this is how an educated consumer would compare ozone generators.
I believe so. They made this model to replace the 400b . This new model is much quieter and simpler to use with just one button.
It will do cycles, or run continuously.

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