SAIMLOVE Mini Home Plug air purifier

The SAIMLOV Mini Home Plug-in Air Purifier, Ionizer Air Purifier, Power Saving, Silent Suitable Portable Air Purifier for home, bathroom, living room, bedroom, hotel, pet room, toilet was among the smallest purifiers we tested. It’s about the size of a can of hairspray and about as heavy. It comes with a small extension cord and wall plug.

This purifier was one of the quietest of its type that we tested: It’s about as loud as a cell phone on vibrate. When placed at the foot of a child’s bed, it didn’t awaken our child during nap time.

While this air purifier had one of the best purifying abilities for its size and price range, it didn’t knock our socks off in terms of value. Although this purifier is cheap enough that you can buy two or three for the price of some comparable models, it only lasted about a year before dying on us.

However, if you want an air purifier that’s small enough to tuck into a corner or carry with you while you travel—and you don’t mind replacing it every year or so—this SAIMLOV Mini Home Plug-In Air Purifier might be worth the price.


Affordable 80%
Easy to set up 70%
Soft nightlight 63%
Easy to transport 68%


Short lifespan 85%
Expensive for its size 69%
Not great at trapping particulates in air 60%

SAIMLOVE Mini Home Plug air purifier FAQs

Intelligent chip processing, release 40 million negative ions, deal with peculiar smell and air impurities, and work continuously to achieve the effect of purifying the air.
Plut in the socket works 24 hours without additional purchase.No need to replace the filter chip.
If you place it in the top outlet, yes. If you place it in the bottom outlet you should still be able to use the top one.

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