Refrigerator Deodorizer, 4 Pack Air purifier

In terms of odorfighting power, the Refrigerator Deodorizer, 4 Pack from Air Purifier is nearly unmatched. These deodorizers are made with activated charcoal, a substance known for its odorabsorbing abilities.

It‘s so effective that it‘s used in air purifiers to remove cigarette smoke and other smells. These deodorizers are also very longlasting. When we tested its longevity, we noted that it lasted over a month before it needed to be replaced.

If youre looking for a deodorizer that can handle an onslaught of stank, these are your best bet. Unfortunately, these deodorizers arent great at staying put.

We found that they rolled around inside the refrigerator, frequently coming into contact with food items. They also dont do much to hide the visible charcoal chunksso if you prefer a more discreet deodorizer, these may not be the best choice for you.


Long-lasting 80%
Very effective at eliminating odors 70%
Odorless option available 63%
Good value for money 68%


Not discreet 85%
Roll around inside fridges easily 69%
Expensive for a deodorizer 60%

Refrigerator Deodorizer, 4 Pack Air purifier FAQs

It absorbs odors by the charcoal’s porous texture. It will slow down its absorbility after it works for some days and the tiny holes are “full” with odors. So please expose them under sunshine for hours regularly every two weeks to release and rejuvenate them, to let them hungry again to absorb odors. In this way, it can last for 2 years at least.
162g/ 5.7oz for each box, so totally 648g/22.8oz per package.
CAREHOME fridge deodorizers are made of 100% natural bamboo activated charcoal after sintered through 1000+ degrees centigrade high temperature, thus the charcoal forms into physically porous texture, which effectively absorbs stink odors and excessive moistures. During this wholly physical process, no any scents is released.
It says last longer, can be recharged by sunlight and BIGGER.

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