Purriko Refrigerator Deodorizer AIR PURIFIER

Purriko is another surprisingly good air purifier. It worked as well as the best purifiers we tested and it’s much more affordable—only about a third the price.

It’s not as gorgeous as the BioTrue, but it does look nicer than the average air purifier. It comes with a string you can use to attach it to a bag or keychain, making it easy to carry around with you.

There’s a hole in the top of this purifier that allows you to string it onto a keychain

Purriko uses a photocatalytic technology called Purrikomil—it’s said to decompose harmful gases into water molecules. When we tested it, we found that it worked just as well as the air purifiers that cost three times as much.

However, we found some issues with design: first, its odor-removing material isn’t very thick, so this purifier won’t last as long. (The company claims it lasts for 10 years.) Second, we had some difficulty getting all of the air purifier’s metal bits to stick to the adhesive on its backside. Once we got everything in place, however, we were glad to have that trouble.


Very inexpensive for a air purifier 80%
Lasts 10 years 70%
Lightweight and portable 63%
fresh food 68%


Doesn't last as long as other purifiers 85%
Difficult to stick to wall 69%
chemical odor 60%

Purriko Refrigerator Deodorizer AIR PURIFIER FAQs

Yes it does. I love it! Smell was making me sick and affecting fruit and vegetabes in my bins as well.
yes, I use mine in the freezer, it worked to get the fishy smell out of the freezer.
I don’t think you can. The filter is made with metal and you don’t suppose to use metal in the microwave.
there is a filter made of decomposition particles and an air guided ring inside which eliminate the odors.

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