Purivortex 215 ft² Air Purifier

Purivortex 215 is our pick for the best air purifier for a small room. It’s small, quiet, and stylish, with a glass front that lets you see the purifying action (or at least the LED lights that indicate when it’s in high or low mode).

The Purivortex 215 has a few distinct advantages over air purifiers in its price range: it’s much smaller, so it’s more discreet and easier to move around; it has a very easy-to-understand digital interface; and it comes with a remote control. Put those together with a low price, and you have an air purifier that’s a great choice if you want something to help control allergens in a kid’s room or a small apartment.


Digital display 80%
Easy to use remote 70%
Impeccably clean air 63%
Low maintenance 68%


Poor performance 85%
Difficult to use controls 69%
Not quite as quiet as we expected it to be 60%

Purivortex 215 ft² Air Purifier FAQs

A power cord that plugs into an electrical outlet.
The difference in colors (black and dark black) are pertaining to the actual air purifiers not to the filters themselves. The black air purifier has a orange light up top and the dark black has a blue light; this is the only difference I could note.
Please open the bottom base cover, you will get the charging adapter inside the filter. The charging adapter comes with the unit, if you still cannot find it, pls contact customer service.
Yes, the filter does come with the purifier.

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