POMORON MJ002H 4-in-1 Air Purifier

The Pomoron MJ002H is a good, affordable option and earned the top spot in this category. It’s an all-in-one air purifier that combines an ionizer, UV light, and air purifier into one neat unit.

It has settings for ultra-quiet sleep mode, 8/12/24 hours timer setting, and four fan speeds. The purifier comes with a H13 true HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. It’s officially compatible with the company’s replacement filters.

Several Amazon reviewers mentioned that the purifier was very loud, but we didn’t find this to be the case. We did find it to be slightly noisier than some of the other purifiers in this review, but not to the point of being a deal breaker.

The purifier also has a timer setting, which is helpful for those who want to keep the purifier turned on all day while they’re out of the house.


Easy to use settings 80%
Good value 70%
Compact design 63%
Helpful user interface options 68%


Loud 85%
No display showing current air quality 69%
Can't turn off UV light without unplugging it 60%

POMORON MJ002H 4-in-1 Air Purifier FAQs

No. Ozone can only be produced at wavelengths below 240nm, with peak production occurring at 185nm. Therefore, lamps operating at 253.7nm–the most common germicidal wavelength–CANNOT produce ozone. The smell, caused by high levels of keratin and cysteine in the dust particles and the breaking of chemical bonds in both molecules causes the formation of sulfur containing thiols or VOCs. So basically, if it did create ozone you would definitely be able to tell by the distinct smell of rotten eggs, burnt hair, or sulfur (it doesn’t smell good however it smells, lol) or the byproduct of ozone as it breaks down organics into VOCs.
Yes it is. Its bagged so make sure you remove it before you use it.
5 feet they are great products so far.

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