Plixio Portable (2 Pack) Air purifier

The Plixio Portable is a good choice for anyone looking for an affordable, safe air purifier. Its small and easy to move around, plus it offers adjustable ozone output.

At 10 ppm, the Plixio is the lowestrated ozone purifier available. Its perfect for people who want to kill odorcausing bacteria without exposing themselves and their families to possible health risks.

The only downside is the Plixio purifier doesnt have any special features like a touchscreen or a programmable timer. On the plus side, it doesnt look like a piece of lab equipment so it can blend into your home or officecor.


Adjustable ozone output 80%
Compact and easy to move 70%
Easy to control ozone output 63%
Good at removing odors 68%


Only available in a two-pack 85%
No special features 69%
Not as portable as other purifiers 60%

Plixio Portable (2 Pack) Air purifier FAQs

It can be used in both occupied and unoccupied spaces. It’s a very good clean smell.
To clean these air purifiers either wipe the back of the unit down with a dry microfiber cloth or vacuum it. We recommend that you do this once a month to help keep the motor running properly.
I have cats and have no problem. They don’t have a clue one way or the other!!
This is a wall unit air purifier. We do not recommend connecting a tube or hose to this unit as it may overheat it.

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