OION B-1000 Air purifier

The OION B1000 does a great job of cleaning the air, but in our testing it didn‘t rank as well for purifying larger spaces. It‘s best at picking up smaller particles like dust and pollen.

That said, with the B1000, you‘re paying a premium for its permanent filter system. While it‘s expensive to replace the filters on other models, the B1000 uses a filter that can last up to two years, depending on how much you use it.


Permanent filter lasts up to 2 years 80%
Good at picking up smaller particles 70%
Performs very well at removing odors and allergens from the air 63%


Expensive to replace filters 85%
Can be loud 69%
Requires expensive annual replacement of the permanent filter 60%

OION B-1000 Air purifier FAQs

The UV bulb is rated to last 10,000 hours. This can vary depending on amount of usage. The retail value of the UV bulb is $12.50 per unit. However, if a customer purchased the air purifier from us, then we sell them at a wholesale cost of one UV bulb at $4.50 plus $2.93 shipping via USPS first class mail within the USA only.
My husband uses it in a room he smokes cannabis in and it works fantastic. I am illergic to it and it keeps it clean. I just have to wipe down the filter more often in that room.
Each unit will purify 500 – 1,000 sq. ft. of space depending on existing air quality in your
Very simple. Unplug the unit first. 1) push the button near the top to access the filter. Flip open the top of the unit. 2) to remove the filter unit pull up by the handle. 3) use a soft cloth, warm water and mild soap. DO Not Submerse the filter in water or rinse directly in water. USE the cloth to remove the dirt from the filter then rinse the cloth often to remove the debris and soap. Repeat as needed! 4) VERY IMPORTANT: only touch the filter by the handle AND most of ALL the filter must be 100% dry before you install it back into the unit. Once the filter is dry Slide back into the slot gently DO Not Force it! The filter will only fit One way. 5) close the top and snap it shut. Plug in the unit and you’re good to go.

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