MSA3 Air Purifier H13

MSA3 Air Purifier for Home Large Room and Bedroom with H13 True HEPA Filter, 100% Ozone Free Air Cleaner for Smokers, Pet and Allergies Remove 99.97% Allergens, Dust, Odor, Smoke, Pollen. is great at purifying the air in a room and removing smoke odor.

The reason it ranks lower than the other air purifiers we tested is because it doesn’t have a lot of features. There’s no timer or child lock, so kids can’t accidentally turn it off while they’re playing.

The MSA3 is also large and heavy, so it may be too bulky to move around often, although it does have wheels that make moving it easier. The remote control is also a little clunky to use.


Easy to move around 80%
Good at purifying the air 70%
Three filters available 63%
Affordable 68%


No child lock or timer 85%
Large and clunky remote control 69%
Not many features 60%

MSA3 Air Purifier H13 FAQs

The chemical smell in the nail salon is relatively strong. Our MSA3 air purifier can relieve it, but cannot completely eliminate it.
I have one BUT, the 2 units are at opposite ends of the room. Also, I have the air purifier closer to a hallway door. I did this so it doesn’t pull the moisture out of the room.
No. No remote control of any type.

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