Moso Natural Air Purifier Bag 600g

In a sea of charcoal air purifiers, the Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag stood out. It was one of the only ones we tested that was specifically designed to be a purifier, rather than just a bag of charcoal leftover from grilling a steak.

The main selling point of the Moso bag is that it can last two years if you rejuvenate it by exposing it to sunlight for one hour per month. This saves you money and makes the purchase more environmentally friendly.

The only downside we found with the bag is that it’s not great at trapping odors in small spaces—it’s better for open areas like larger rooms and garages. You can also use it to purify garden soil and water for plants, but it will take about six months to do so.


Long-lasting 80%
Environmentally friendly 70%
Odor-eliminating 63%


Not great at trapping odors 85%
Can't trap odors in small spaces 69%
Needs to be exposed to sunlight to last two years 60%

Moso Natural Air Purifier Bag 600g FAQs

The air purifiers are not for odors. But they can help eliminate odors by fighting mold and bacteria and mildew. That’s what they do . But no they are not odor eliminators. I suggest you might look for something that is effective toward removing pet odors in carpet and furniture .
Yes, the Moso Bag will still work when it gets wet. You will just have to dry it out in the sun for at least 1 hour before using it again.
The Moso Bag will not be ruined if it gets wet. It is just best to dry it out in the sun if it does become saturated with water.

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