Moso Natural Air Purifier Bag 200g (3 Pack)

While some people swear by these bags as odor removers, we have to admit that we were a bit underwhelmed. The Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag was the least effective out of all the products we tested.

Even so, its worth keeping in mind that this is a natural deodorizer, not a synthetic one, so it may suit you better if you want something ecofriendly.


Lasts a long time 80%
require power or chemicals 70%
Removes odors naturally 63%


Low odor-eliminating power 85%
Only removes odors naturally—not synthetically 69%
Requires recharging every 30 days 60%

Moso Natural Air Purifier Bag 200g (3 Pack) FAQs

It is recommended to reactivate by placing out in direct sunlight for 1 hour.
You can use it anywhere you want odors to be absorbed. Just be sure to leave in in direct sunlight every other month or so for the charcoal to “freshen”.
Yes! They are working great in the camper drawers where there is a lot of moisture. So I bet it would be amazing in the house.
No. They will shrink and destroy the charcoal inside. Do not put these in the dryer at all. Also, it might open and you’ll have black residue all over the inside of the dryer!!! The reason to put these in the sun is because it reactivates the charcoal. There is no need to replace the filling.

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