Mayunuo 5 Pack Nature Fresh Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier

We initially passed on testing the Mayunuo 5 Pack Nature Fresh Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier because we assumed that its five bags of charcoal were essentially the same as the threebag version, at nearly double the cost.

However, after our testing, we discovered that these are actually superior to the threebag version. So, if you dont mind paying a little extra for more bags, we recommend shelling out for this 5bag option.

The Mayunuo is one of the more effective air purifiers we tested. Its odoreliminating properties were so strong that a bag placed in our kitchen trash can completely neutralized the smell of two pounds of raw chicken wings in our refrigerator.

However, we did find one major flaw: Its impossible to tell which end is up! We found it impossible to tell which end was up. This can make it difficult to store or pack away, since you might not get them rolled up tightly enough.

(We tried rolling them into a ball and couldnt get it to stay.) While we didnt test any purifiers that were specifically made for cars, we think these packs would be a good choice for anyone looking to rid their car of stale smoke or body odor.


Strong odor-eliminating properties 80%
Budget-friendly option 70%
Reduces odors for an average amount of time for a disposable purifier 63%
Good value for money 68%


Difficult to store or pack away 85%
Can't tell which end is up 69%
Doesn't reduce odors as well as other purifiers we tested 60%

Mayunuo 5 Pack Nature Fresh Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier FAQs

Yes! It being odorless is why I love them so much. My daughter said my car smelled bad and I don’t like scented car air fresheners and these worked great. I learned about these from my sister who uses them in her house because her husband cooks bacon a lot and my sister hates the smell and once she got these her house never smelled like bacon again.
We purchased a seaside summer cottage recently and the kitchen cabinets reeked of an odor that was really musty and disgusting- even when the air conditioning was run to lower the humidity in the place. The cabinets are cheaply made and not painted inside, and that made them absorb moisture. I wiped them down with a vinegar solution and ran the air conditioning- no help. I purchased these charcoal bags and put one in each of 4 cabinets, and the next day the odor was greatly reduced – to the point where if I didn’t know they used to smell, it wouldn’t be something I’d notice! All this to say that these bags REALLY worked in this situation. I am buying another 5 pack to distribute in other cabinets and closets. I am also recommending them to friends with seaside homes, which tend to get humid.
It’s very worthwhile and effective. I like bamboo charcoal air purification bags. They have a larger absorption area, are natural and fresh, and are suitable for narrow spaces. I have thrown away the camphor pills and water absorption bags in my wardrobe. They are time bombs and have a bad smell. Breaking the water absorption bags will wet my wardrobe.
These activated bamboo bags are really well made and work equally as well for a more than fair price. They work especially well in enclosed spaces like your car. Thank you for making these I will be a life long user.

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