Mammoth Ion and Ozone Generator 3,500 SqFt Air Purifie

The Mammoth Ion and Ozone Generator 3,500 SqFt Air Purifier was a strong contender for the top spot. It offers a ton of features for the price, including an adjustable ozone level, two ion settings, and an ion/ozone toggle.

However, the Mammoth didnt quite live up to the hype. While it did better than average at removing odors, it couldnt quite match the performance of similarly priced purifiers. It also has some confusing settings, like an ion/ozone toggle that doesnt appear to do anything.


Adjustable ozone level 80%
Two ion settings 70%
Adjustable negative ion output 63%


Weak odor removal performance 85%
Confusing settings 69%
Expensive 60%

Mammoth Ion and Ozone Generator 3,500 SqFt Air Purifie FAQs

Hello, this is Richard, product manager. That’s a great question! This unit does not technically have any filters (I mention this because we do have models with HEPA/Carbon filters). The ozone plate only needs to be replaced every 1-2 years and that’s dependent on your usage. We do suggest you take them out every few months to wipe them down to keep them clean. You will know when the ozone plate needs to be replaced when there’s a burnt spot on the plate, or the plate is cracked, or you feel you can’t smell the ozone anymore.
It’s because of the ozone plate will leave an off smell which can make you dizzy or even nausea. See one of customer’s feedback about the unit.
Ozone is three oxygen molecules double bonded together. O=O=O. It is a free radical oxygen as natural pure oxygen is O2, O=O. It oxidizes the mold. You’ll usually see the mold where visible as a white powdery substance after. Also they usually have an ionizer that charges dust particles. The dust particles bond together till they are heavy enough to fall.

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