LKT Car Ozone Generator Air purifier

The LKT Car Ozone Generator is a portable air purifier that can deodorize rooms up to 10 square meters. It has three modes: 20 minutes, 40 minutes, and continuous. We tested it in a small room with lingering cigarette smoke and dead rat odors. Within two hours, the air smelled cleaner. The LKT is sleek and easy to hold. It comes with a USB charger and a car charger, so you can use it on the go or in your car with no additional cords. Unfortunately, this purifier has one major downfall: It doesnt have an indicator light that shows when the ozone is being released, so you have no idea when the ozone is working. When you press the button, youre just left looking at the purifier and waiting for something to happen. While some people may not mind this tradeoff, we found it difficult to know when the unit was actually working.


Easy to hold 80%
Sleek design 70%
High output air purifier 63%


No indicator lights for ozone release 85%
Difficult to know when ozone is released 69%
Expensive for its size 60%

LKT Car Ozone Generator Air purifier FAQs

NO, this unit is not loud at all; however, you should not be in the vehicle or room while it is running. Please read all instructions carefully.
No, it also works even when it’s not plugged in.
Yes, it uses a rechargeable battery.
Hello, the K200 ozone generator uses type C USB for power connection. Just connect it to a charger and use it anywhere! It’s very convenient!

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