Ionic Pro 250 sq ft Air purifier

The Ionic Pro 250 was the only purifier we tested that really lived up to its claim of beingtotally silent, even at its highest setting. But the lack of a hum turned out to be a problem, as it made it almost impossible to tell if the unit was actually working.

The Ionic Pros interface is simple, with a power button and three speed settings labeled low, medium, and high. The purifier also has an ion setting, but unlike every other purifier we tested, theres no icon or symbol to indicate what this setting does.

After some research, we determined that it turns on an ozone function. Given how little information was available about this purifier, we were surprised to find that the Ionic Pro boasts a full onboard threestage filtration system: prefiltration, main filter, and carbon filter.

All those filters made for a bulky machine that took up more space than most, but our testing showed it had one of the best aircleaning abilities of any purifier we tried. Its also notable for having no visible vents.


Distributes air evenly 80%
Very powerful 70%
best in show 63%
Energy efficient 68%


Very expensive for its size 85%
Difficult to tell if it's on or what setting it's on 69%
Very difficult to tell if it's on or what setting it's on 60%

Ionic Pro 250 sq ft Air purifier FAQs

It is not the normal size, so tbh it’s a bit over priced, it is a smaller size and an appropriate price for this product would be in the 50-75 dollar range. I feel I over paid based on the size.
I had one for years. No filter. Wipe the blades clean with soft rag.
I is inside your room, so it just filters the air that is there.

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