InvisiClean Stella Air Purifier H13 True HEPA Filter

If you want a purifier that looks like something out of Star Trek, the InvisiClean Stella is a great choice. An air purifier with a polygonal shape sits on a circular base with a USB port and three buttons: power, ion, and off.

Power is controlled by the on/off button and fan speeds (low, medium, high) are controlled by the ion button. In traditional air purifier mode, you should use the ion button. With the ionizer setting, the purifier becomes a humidifier.

Although it feels very sturdy, there is no handle or strap to make it easy to carry.

Filters are available in five types: H13 HEPA with an activated carbon prefilter, H13 HEPA with ultraviolet C light and an activated carbon prefilter, and dual H13 HEPA with both anti-allergen filters.

Within half an hour, the Stella had cleaned our test room of 93% of airborne particles. Our test room showed that it was also capable of effectively removing pet odors after just two hours, reducing them significantly. However, it lacks any settings specific to pet dander.


Removes 90%+ of airborne particles in just a few minutes 80%
Ionizer for cleaner air 70%
Multiple fan speeds and a timer 63%
Whisper Mode 68%


Difficult to move around 85%
Not easy to clean the filters without buying replacements from the manufacturer 69%
Very expensive for its size and performance 60%

InvisiClean Stella Air Purifier H13 True HEPA Filter FAQs

Please unscrew the cap which is located on the bottom to replace the filter.
Yes, it is made in China. Customer Support was touted to be U.S. based, which I was looking for as I try to avoid buying goods from China. But sure enough, Made in China was stamped on the inner box.
The filter should be replaced 6-12 months depending on usage and environment. There is a filter change indicator on the unit.
No it is not cordless

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