Instant HEPA Air Purifier AP 300

The Instant Air Purifier AP 300 is another great choice if you have a large room. It has a large area for the filter, giving it an edge over the other air purifiers we tested that only have a small space for the filter to fit in. This means that more of the filter is exposed to air, meaning it can capture more pollutants.

The purifier comes with an ionic cleaner that neutralizes the air of the smoke and odors from cooking, pets, and other sources. It’s one of the few purifiers that let you wash the filter itself instead of just replacing it once it’s dirty.

This purifier is whisper quiet when turned on low mode and runs on medium and high, which are still quiet enough that they won’t wake children who need some help sleeping through allergies.


Easy to change filters 80%
3 purification modes 70%
High-efficiency filter allows user to wash filter instead of regularly replacing it 63%
Quiet when running on medium and high modes 68%


Expensive 85%
Poor performance in testing 69%
Radial-style purifier provides cleaner air over a larger area but isn't as good for those with smaller rooms 60%

Instant HEPA Air Purifier AP 300 FAQs

When powering on the unit, it will automatically start up in Auto Mode. This will automatically adjust fan speeds based on the air quality measurement. If the air quality is good, it will operate on the lowest fan level of 1. If the air quality is fair, it will operate on a medium fan level of 2, and if the air quality is poor, it will operate on the highest fan level of 3.
Yes you can! There’s a button on the control panel to enable or disable the Plasma Ion feature as you see fit. All it takes is one touch!
Our Plasma Ion technology produces positively and negatively charged particles (called ions) into the air, which help to reduce small particles for cleaner air. If you’re interested in research into ion generators, we recommend visiting the USEPA website, which is a great resource!
The HEPA-13 filter on the Air Purifier captures 99.97% of ultrafine impurities in the air, including mold. It also works to reduce odors and smells in the air, so it would be great for mothball smell! We hope this helps. Please reach out to us if you have any other questions!

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