HOMIKE Refrigerator Deodorizer AIR PURIFIER

HOMIKEs stainlesssteel air purifier for your fridge comes in second place, though it still outperformed every other air purifier we tested.

Its larger and heavier than most, but unlike the Panasonic model, it doesnt have a handle, making it harder to lug around and store. This air purifier is more expensive than most of the models we tested.

It also has a 1year limited warrantythe shortest in our test group.


Large enough to cover large areas 80%
Metal body is durable 70%
Eliminate odors in Refrigerator 63%
Keep foods fresh 68%


Expensive 85%
Bulky, no carrying handle 69%
Limited warranty 60%

HOMIKE Refrigerator Deodorizer AIR PURIFIER FAQs

In the beginning of the product description it states “freezer”. I would suggest getting rid of “freezer smell” before you use it. I have one in my fridge and it works, keeps my fridge fresh.
it is non-toxic and chemical-free,the main constituent inside the box is CH-cut decomposition particles filter, which not only can absorb the harmful gases, but also decompose and oxidize them into carbon dioxide and water, it won’t saturate and can last for a decade with no efficiency compromises , so you don’t need to worry about secondary pollution, and you don’t need to change anything, and it’s 15x more efficient than soda and carbon, you can have a try, I believe you won’t regret. Thanks for your question.
It’s worth a try, you may need to rotate which drawers you place it in. I bought one for our fridge and it’s working great. I bought a second one for my husbands truck, it’s newer but he leaves the dogs bed in the back seat area. The truck doesn’t smell like dog anymore.

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