HomeZens UV Air Sanitizer 2 Pack Air purifier

The HomeZens UV Air Sanitizer 2Pack is the best UV purifier for those looking to purify a small space. It‘s an easytouse plugin air purifier that blasts away 99.9 percent of airborne bacteria and germs with ultraviolet light.

This purifier has a seveninch height, making it easy to tuck into hardtoreach areas like behind a couch or in the corner of a kids room. The HomeZens can run on its own or you can use the accompanying remote to adjust settings.

The HomeZens is also great if you live in a small apartmentmost purifiers are too bulky to pack up and take with you on vacation or to your inlaws‘.


Has a remote control 80%
Small and easy to tuck into tight spaces 70%
Kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria 63%
Attractive design 68%


Expensive for its size 85%
Needs to be plugged in and cannot be placed several feet from the wall like most purifiers 69%

HomeZens UV Air Sanitizer 2 Pack Air purifier FAQs

Not really. There is no safe place to plug it in. It is not made for that purpose. Baking soda does a better job and is totally safe.
Sorry threw the garbage out already. From what I remember, would think a mix of vinegar and water would work. Can’t guarantee that.

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