HME -TNGOZN Throw-N Air purifier

The HME TNGOZN ThrowNGo Ozone Air Purifier is a compact, batteryoperated purifier that can be thrown into a duffel bag or purse.

Its small size and weight (around 1 pound) make it easy to carry around, but with 200 square feet of coverage, its not designed to purify large areas.

The purifier is lightweight, at around 1 pound, and small enough to throw in a purse or duffel bag. This purifier is also very quiet and has a batteryoperated power source. While the purifiers ozone output is limited, it does have USB ports for charging phones and other devices.

With its small size and portability, this air purifier would be a good choice for backpackers or hunters looking for a compact purifier that can be used on the go.


Good for backpackers and hunters 80%
USB ports for charging phones 70%
Very quiet 63%
Very portable 68%


Limited ozone output 85%
Noisey at night 69%

HME -TNGOZN Throw-N Air purifier FAQs

The brochure says do not submerge in water. I use mine in a ground blind. To answer your question I would say no.
It’s a little loud for an open treestand but perfect for a closed in box stand. It definitely puts out some ozone.
No it will continue to operate until batteries run out or you turn it off.

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