Gukify Air Purifiers True Hepa 13 Filters

True Hepa 13 air purifier offers good value and solid performance. Under $100, you can get a machine that can clean 270 square feet in an hour. That’s more than most of the purifiers we tested offer for less money.

You can set up and use the True Hepa 13 in just a few minutes. The buttons are clearly labeled and lit, so if you’re in the dark, it’s easy to see which setting you’re on. Like some of our other favorites, it has an auto shut-off timer and an indicator light that indicates when to change the filter.

Although the True Hepa 13 performed only middle of the pack, it was still above average. After 30 minutes of use, we only detected a very faint lingering odor, which gave us confidence that the purifier would clear the air in our testing room quickly.


Easy to set up and use 80%
Good value 70%
Best air purifier for asthmatics 63%
Good value at under $100 68%


Average purification performance 85%
Doesn't have any standout features 69%
Can't run 24/7 without emptying its water tank regularly 60%

Gukify Air Purifiers True Hepa 13 Filters FAQs

You need to press the UV-C button to turn on / off the UV lamp.
Yes it comes loaded with the filters. They are wrapped in plastic so you have to take them out, unwrap them and reinstall them. Very simple to do
No, they are not the same. The UV light of the air purifier helps to photolysis airborne bacteria and viruses, secondary decompose Formaldehyde, Benzene, etc. with up to 98.3% effectiveness, alleviate air pollution.
The air purifier comes with a 12-month warranty.

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