Germ Guardian GG1100W 7 Air purifier

If you‘re looking for an affordable room air purifier that‘s easy to set up, the GermGuardian GG1100W is a good choice. It‘s the only purifier we tested that can plug straight into the wall without the need for an extension cord.

The purifier is also one of only two we tested that offers both a high and low fan setting. While we didn‘t notice a difference in air quality when comparing the high and low settings, we do like having the option to conserve energy or run the purifier at a faster speed.

While this purifier didn‘t earn top marks in our testing, it did manage to edge out a few competitors. We were surprised to see this unit push more allergens out of the air than our winner, the Blueair 403. After being run for one hour, this purifier rid our testing area of 90 percent of allergens.

Our main complaints with this purifier are it‘s lack of exceptional filtration capabilities and its relatively small particulatecapturing area.


Easy to set up 80%
Good air quality 70%
Easy to use control panel 63%
Best at odor elimination 68%


Poor filtration 85%
Small particulate capturing area 69%
No nightlight 60%

Germ Guardian GG1100W 7 Air purifier FAQs

Yes it does produce ozone. UV light transform the molecules and the end result is ozone. Now it does produce ozone below the requirement by the EPA and that is why they can say is ozone free. When dealing with low ozone devices is how quick it does produce ozone, we are talking quantity, the bigger the quantity the more danger to your health. Please copy and paste this article and learn more:
It uses UV light to sanitize the circulated air. No filters to clean.
It depends. If you put it somewhere that you need quiet, like a bedroom or home theater, this is probably too noisy. If its somewhere that quiet is not an expectation, like a play room, kitchen, laundry room, or bathroom, then this unit is probably quiet enough. I put this unit in a room where I have a radio set to classical music at low volume. It drowns out the radio. Even at slightly higher volume, the noise overwhelms the softer portions of music. And yes, I have tried cleaning it as someone suggested, it did not help. But I did not expect it to, as I’d only had the unit a few days.
The lamp, per the manual, is 3.5 watts. Plugged into an energy monitor, it operates @ 4.5 watts, lamp & fan both on. It would use about 3.24 KWH in a 30-day month, so @ 15 cents per KW, that’s $0.49 per month.

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