Fridge Deodorizer (4 Pack) Air purifier

If you want to get rid of fridge odors but dont want to keep a stock of baking soda on hand, the Fridge Deodorizer (4 Pack) is for you. The Fridge Deodorizer comes in a set of four and each one lasts for up to a year.

Just pop them in your fridge or freezer and watch the odor disappear. These deodorizers are carbonneutral and claim to be more effective than baking soda at getting rid of odors.

We put them to the test against our two favorite deodorizers and they were able to get rid of odors slightly faster than our winners. While these deodorizers may be more effective than baking soda, they dont last quite as long.

The Fridge Deodorizer only lasted about six days before needing a recharge in direct sunlight. This may not seem like a lot, but its still longer than competing products we tested. Also, if you dont have sunnier spots in your fridge and want to keep deodorizers out of the way, this set may not be the best choice.


Removes odors quickly 80%
Long lasting 70%
Keep food fresh 63%
Compact design 68%


Needs to be exposed to sunlight to recharge 85%
Not long lasting enough for some people 69%
Requires direct sunlight to recharge 60%

Fridge Deodorizer (4 Pack) Air purifier FAQs

Hi Chris. Thanks for your question. We have a Fridge Ninja in our produce draw and it works great, especially at stopping condensation build up.
We place ours in the sun every 3/4 weeks or when we notice an increase in fridge odors.

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