ENVION CA200 Air purifier

The ENVION CA200 Ionic Pro received an average score from our panelists. After we showed them the results of our testing, they all commented that they could tell the difference between the settings.

Although the purifier had a high and lowfan setting, we didnt notice a difference between the two. The purifiers large digital display made it easy to read in a dark room, but when outside light shone on it, we had a hard time reading the settings.

The purifier was lightweight and easy to move around, but its thin metal grill created an odd, industrial look. The ENVION CA200 took first place in pollen removal and came in third in smoke removal.

It was an average performer when it came to trapping irritating particles. For its price, you can find purifiers that can trap more particles at half this price.


High and low fan settings 80%
Digital display 70%
Easy to use 63%
Good settings for air purification 68%


Pricey for its performance 85%
Odd industrial look 69%
Can't tell difference between high and low settings 60%

ENVION CA200 Air purifier FAQs

No filters. It works differently than HEPA filter fans. A wire emits charges into the air. The charges stick to any dust in the air. The charges get pulled thru the air towards the collector blades. That drags the air thru too, just a little. The charged dust gets stuck to the collector blades. Later you wipe it off with a paper towel wet with alcohol or damp with water. Nice shiny hard metal, the blades can be re-cleaned forever.
The red “Clean Me” light is a ‘problem’ indicator. What it warns of is: dust is stuck to the emitting wire, requiring the machine to turn itself off. So you cycle the wire-scraping stick about twice, and turn it back on again. Red light removed. Now if you _want_ it to turn on, try running your machine in front of an open window for a day. By the end of the day, you’ll probably have a red light, and some dust on the collector blades too. Clean that off with a dash of rubbing alcohol on a paper towel.
The dimensions of the Ionic Pro 200 that I have in my office is as follows: Height 19″, depth, front to back 7″, the width, 5″. Hope this is helpful for you to make your decision.
It does grab smoke. But it does so rather slowly. To provide a smoke-protected space, sit in a chair in a corner with the machine on a table next to you, pointed at you. That would provide a partial refuge if wildfire smoke invades your home. Run it all day in a small closed room. If you are smoking, try turning the machine 90 degrees, so it pulls smoky air from in front of you, and pushes clean air behind you. Leave it running after you finish.

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