Charcoal Air Purifier Bags 1x200g

Even though this charcoal air purifier bag isn’t as well known as the rest, it still performed exceptionally well. The only reason it’s so low on this list is its lack of Amazon availability.

This bag is currently only available directly from the manufacturer’s website, and you can’t even buy a single unit—you’re stuck buying a 5-pack for $19.

That said, if you can get your hands on this bag, it will make you a believer. It was our first choice among the reusable air purifier bags, eliminating 99% of odors in just 30 minutes, compared to the average of one hour. It also has some of the strongest odor-absorbing power in this entire list.


Easy to use 80%
Powerful odor eliminator 70%
Porous and traps dirt 63%


Only available online 85%
Expensive per unit 69%
Not enough area coverage 60%

Charcoal Air Purifier Bags 1x200g FAQs

I hung them up in my bathroom to eliminate the overwhelming enamel paint smell. Did not put them in the sun or save for a month. They worked great. Every couple days I shake them to rejuvenate; seems to work. I’ve used charcoal packets for odor issues before — they work much better than any spray or plug in chemicals, etc.

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