BLUEAIR Air Purifier 2,592sqft

While the Blueair Air Purifier 2,592sqft may not be the most powerful purifier on the market, it is a great value. It’s very easy to use, quiet enough that you can hardly tell it’s on, and provides a lot of coverage, making it a great choice for large rooms.

If you want to cover a large space with air purification, we recommend the Blueair 2,592sqft air purifier. While this purifier isn’t as powerful as some of our other picks, its large coverage area makes it an excellent value.

The Blueair 2,592sqft’s coverage area is better than most of our other recommendations.

Like most purifiers on the market today, this one uses HEPA technology to cleanse the air. However, instead of using a single large filter to suck in air, the Blueair 2,592sqft has two smaller ones. That may sound like a bad thing at first glance, but that setup makes this purifier easier to move around and set up—and easier to change its settings.

Unlike many air purifiers that have 2 or 3 fan speeds, the Blueair 2,592sqft has 5—including an off position—and each is clearly labeled with a large icon so you don’t have to remember which number goes with each speed setting. The icons are also shown at the bottom of the purifier so you know where to find them when the device is off and in the dark.

While we appreciate that this purifier is designed for large spaces (it’s one of the few models available in 2- and 3-foot tall versions), it does have some downsides. For starters, this unit is heavy enough that lugging it around isn’t my favorite thing to do when I’m cleaning up my house. It also has no carrying handle on top of its tall frame, so moving it from room to room requires two hands or a very steady set of hands (or a dolly).

The Blueair 2,592sqft’s five fan speeds are clearly labeled and easy to find when you’re setting up the device.

Where this purifier really shines is its ability to create clean air very quickly while being quiet enough that you can barely hear it running. This model offers five fan speeds that are clearly labeled and easy to find when you’re setting up the device. It also has two washable filter options: one for smoke and smog season and another for keeping allergens at bay yearlong. The latter can be cleaned every six months or so; if you’re looking for something that’s easier on your wallet long-term, go with the seasonal option. The only downside I noticed during testing was that if I got too close to its backside, I could catch a whiff of whatever was being filtered out of the air—but even that was mild enough that I only noticed it during testing (not day-to-day use).

Overall this model is easy to recommend if you live in an area with serious pollution issues (particularly during wildfire season) because it cleanses your air very quickly while remaining quiet enough that you can barely hear it running—and all of those qualities come at a very reasonable price point. If you want something better suited for longevity or more powerful in general (particularly if you live in an area more affected by pollen), consider our other recommendations instead.


Easy to move around and set up 80%
Best performance and longevity 70%
Very quiet 63%
Air purifier can handle large rooms up to 2592 square fee 68%


Fairly heavy and no carrying handle on top of its tall frame 85%
Requires replacement filters annually 69%
Very expensive 60%

BLUEAIR Air Purifier 2,592sqft FAQs

There is a ring of carbon on the inside of this filter specifically to help filter out VOC’s.
The 211+ has a ring of carbon inside of the filter. This carbon does help eliminate odors from all spaces inside of your home.
Making it IoT enabled is very easy which is not possible in other brands like Winix 5500-2, Coway AP-1512HH, Honeywell HPA300 etc because their power button always need a push/touch to turn on. Whereas this model can be connected to any smart plug (e.g. Kasa, TP Link etc) which then can be controlled via smart phone, Alexa or Google home. Then it will be super easy to schedule, remote turn on off via voice command etc. Only drawback you can not change speed via IoT as that requires touch/tap in the power button.
The Blue 211+ True HEPA filter traps all airborne pollutants and contaminants down to 0.1 microns in size.

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