AROEVE H13 Air Purifiers

The AROEVE H13 provided excellent air purification in our tests and at half the price of our top pick, its a great value. This air purifier is sleek and modernlooking, with a rectangular shape thats about the same height as a wine bottle.

It has three speed settings (low, medium, and high) and a sleep mode that reduces fan speed even further. When we tested this model, we found that it reduced cigarette smoke by 90 percent after 30 minutes. It also cut down on dust and pollen in our tests.

The H13 is also versatile: It can run continuously or be set to 180minute cycles. In other words, you can either set it to run for four hours straight or have it on for six hours total over three hours with two hours off. The purifier also has an autooff feature that shuts it off when its filter needs to be replaced.

The only major drawback to this air purifier is its lack of a remote control, but most of the air purifiers we tested lacked remotes. Instead, you must use the controls on the unit itself or choose from one of three wallpapers included with the purifier that will show you what speed setting corresponds with a specific number in the main display window. This can make it hard to adjust settings if youre not within arms reach of the unit.


Excellent air purification 80%
Sleek and modern-looking 70%
Good air cleaning ability 63%
Sleep mode 68%


Sleep mode is too weak to be of much use 85%
Not as easy to use or install as some other models 69%
Setting reminders is not possible using its app 60%

AROEVE H13 Air Purifiers FAQs

yes you can ,i have mine plun into one with no problems.
There are no indication on the box that state that there is a problem with ozone with the filter.
The filters I have ordered for this unit, are “All-In-One” filter, not “two” filter combination.
Amazon. Search for brand name and model filter. I.E.: Aroeve H13 filter. There will be other brands that use “H13 filter” as well.

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