AROEVE Air Purifiers MK04

AROEVE Air Purifiers MK04 Reviews

It makes sense to have an air purifier in your home that prevents you from getting sick, and the AROEVE is one of the most well-rounded options available. It’s relatively inexpensive, very quiet, and has a filter that can capture most airborne pollutants, such as dust, smoke, and pollen.

The AROEVE is so successful because it has great features for an air purifier at this price point. The unit has two power modes, low and high, which can be selected by pressing a front-mounted button. You can use high power when you need it and save battery life when it’s not needed. While it performs its duties, the purifier also has a sleep mode.

In our tests, this purifier excelled primarily because of its performance. Our AROEVE purifier removed a majority of airborne particles in our room in just 10 minutes, which is very impressive for a purifier at this price point. At this price point, this unit does lack some features we’d like to see-namely, you have to remove the filter element to replace it, and there is no timer setting-but overall, this is one of the best purifiers for the money.


Removes most airborne pollutants 80%
UV light can kill bacteria and viruses 70%
High performance 63%
Light system shows air quality 68%


Difficult to replace filter element 85%
No timer setting 69%
Doesn't control odor well 60%

AROEVE Air Purifiers MK04 FAQs

Every 6-8 months depending on if you use the auto setting, or just have it running all day long at a certain fan speed. I have it running all day long, so I replace it every six months.
My air purifier stays red until it partially improves the air quality. The light will then turn yellow. Once the air is improved further, it will then turn blue. Check to make sure the air filter is inserted correctly.
If 1100 square feet 1/2 or every couple hours about.

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