AIRTOK 2Pack Air Purifier H13

In a market dominated by expensive air purifiers from Japan, it was a pleasant surprise to find an affordable purifier from China that performed well.

While AIRTOK’s H13 model can’t compare to some of the Japanese models in terms of features, it does clean the air as well as nearly all of them. We were especially impressed when testing it against the cheaper purifiers: It beat every one of them in terms of particle removal.

We also loved that the H13 was super-quiet (even on its highest setting). It’s the perfect choice for bedrooms, where you want clean air but don’t want a noisy machine ruining your sleep.

As a bonus, this purifier comes with twelve essential oil pads that you can place inside the purifier to create a soothing scent.


Super-quiet 80%
Clean air 70%
Good enough performance at a low price point 63%
Essential oil pads give you fragrance options 68%


No special features compared to other purifiers in its price range 85%
No Wi-Fi or smartphone app 69%
Fragrance pads are expensive for an extra purchase 60%

AIRTOK 2Pack Air Purifier H13 FAQs

It Is very quiet. The turbo cycle is louder but is not so loud it would disturb your sleep once you got used to it.
Place on a table. Being in the middle of a room also helps.. it’s suuuper quiet too. Mine is next to me on the coffee table. I don’t hear it at all.
You don’t get one you get two, they are each inside of the air purifiers just twist to open filter.
Yes, it is Ozone Free.

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