Airthereal B50-PRO Air purifier

The Airthereal B50PRO Mini Ozone Generator with Negative Ion Plugin Odor Eliminator Disinfecting Machine with Timer and Cycled Mode is a neat idea, but it doesnt quite live up to its promise.

While ozone purifiers do have a long history of killing bugs, they havent traditionally been used to eliminate odors. This particular purifier comes with anion function that supposedly neutralizes odors.

We did notice a slight improvement in air quality, but the odor neutralization wasnt as powerful as advertised. We also didnt like that the unit shut off after 30 minutes, meaning youd have to set a timer to get the full effectnot ideal for someone looking to put this in their kids room. This purifier also has no HEPA filter, which means it wont trap ultrafine particles.


Light show that looks cool 80%
30/30-minute timer 70%
LED light and ion mode 63%
30-minute and cycled modes 68%


Lacks strong odor neutralization function 85%
Turns off after 30 minutes 69%
No HEPA filter to trap ultrafine particles 60%

Airthereal B50-PRO Air purifier FAQs

Not really. It produces Ozone which is O2 two oxygen atoms ionically bonded.
I don’t know what construction glue smells like. I’ve used it to get rid of cigarette and mold smells. It works well. Sometime you have to run it multiple times or on the “cycle” mode.
Yes. It will shut off after 30 minutes. Cycle mode runs continuously (5 min on/25 min off). Until you physically shut it off.
Both the pro and the pro mini plug into a USA standard AC outlet and do not run on batteries You will need a different unit if you are looking for battery operated This manufacturer does have a foreign current unit but does not have one that Ron Popeil would call “dc cordless electric” (battery operated) Other than being made in china, these do appear to be fine units

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