AirTamer A320 air purifier

The AirTamer A320 Personal Air Purifier is lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry around in a purse or backpack. It looks like a sleek black USB flash drive, which is great for those who don’t want a machine-shaped personal air purifier cluttering up their desk.

When we tested the A320, it was clear that this personal air purifier can handle any situation. The purifier can be worn around your neck or attached to your bag using the included lanyard. It can also be placed on a flat surface and used as an ionic purifier.

The A320 was the only purifier that could be used in classrooms with high levels of known allergens (such as dust mites) and not cause an allergic reaction in children. On top of that, it’s one of the most powerful air purifiers we tested, producing nearly double the negative ions of our top pick.

Unfortunately, the A320 didn’t do well in our ease-of-use tests. While its charging port is located on the top of the device, you still need to flip it over to plug it in, which may be difficult if you’re wearing it around your neck. Also, while the device does tell you when it’s fully charged, there’s no indication of how much battery life remains. This means you won’t know if you should charge it again before heading out for the day or if you have enough juice to last through your commute home.


Easy to use 80%
Long battery life 70%
rechargeable 63%
lanyard and carrying case 68%


Expensive 85%
Poor testing results 69%
Bulky for its size 60%

AirTamer A320 air purifier FAQs

A310 is slightly smaller and lighter than a320. It also has a slightly different design/shape than a320. Finally a320 has a clip in addition to the necklace you can use for the air tamer.
Yes. It is only used for protective covering prior to use.
Directly from AirTamer website.
Negative ions are invisible…as long as it’s turned on it is emitting the negative ions but you won’t see anything.

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