AIRNINJA Fridge Refrigerator PATCH Air purifier

The AirNinja Fridge Refrigerator PATCH was the only fridge deodorizer that stuck to the refrigerator and stayed put after we took it down.

It‘s also the only one that killed all the odorcausing bacteria we tested it against, an impressive feat considering it‘s a sticker. However, it‘s not without its shortcomings.

For one, it‘s expensive for a fridge deodorizeryou‘ll spend about $16 for a twopack, which is more than double what you‘d pay for one Air Purifier. We also weren‘t huge fans of the scentit was floral and strong enough that you might not want to use these in a closed space like your car or closet.


It stuck to the fridge and stayed put 80%
Killed all odor-causing bacteria we tested it against 70%
Good at lifting odors off surfaces 63%
Removes odors from surfaces 68%


Expensive for a fridge deodorizer 85%
Not a huge fan of the scent 69%
Does not trap all odors 60%

AIRNINJA Fridge Refrigerator PATCH Air purifier FAQs

I started to notice a difference within a couple of days!
It’s didn’t leave a sticky residue on my fridge. It worked great and removed odor.
This package has 2 patches. Each patch can last between 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the fridge content and how much odor is being absorbed by the patch. So, a total of up to 4 months for both patches.

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