Afloia Air Purifiers

Afloia Air Purifiers

The Afloia Air Purifiers are a good choice for people who want a lot of control over their purifier. These purifiers have five fan speeds and seven color-changing LED lights. The lights can be set to rotate through the colors or be set to stay on a single color.

These purifiers are 7.5 inches high and 15.3 inches wide, and they weigh 4.4 pounds. Their small size makes them easy to move around the room or store away when not in use. They have a 360-degree intake, which helps them remove odors more quickly than other purifiers we tested. They also have washable prefilters to help extend the life of the main filter.

The only issue we found with these purifiers is that they’re not great at capturing tiny particles like pollen and cigarette smoke residue—they’re more suited for removing strong odors like pet dander.


360-degree intake 80%
Five fan speeds 70%
Seven color-changing LED lights 63%
Large, easy-to-read display 68%


Not great at capturing small particles like pollen and smoke residue 85%
Weak at clearing out odors 69%
Digital display is not dimmable 60%

Afloia Air Purifiers FAQs

Please turn off the air purifier, replace with a new filter, turn on the machine again and then keep pressing the power button until the blinking red light disappears, to reset the filter. If your purifier is a new one, please keep pressing the power button to reset the filter after turning on. In this case, no need to change the filter.
Hello, dear, this is the smoke test we did. This Air Purifier With 7 Color Night Light is designed for children. 360-degree air intake, quickly absorb smoke.
Most certainly! Very simple to change. A child can do it.
Hi there, the power cord is inside the filter, you can open the base to find it.

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