Afloia Air Purifier

Afloia Air Purifier

The Afloia Air Purifier is one of the cheapest air purifiers we tested, but it still performed very well. It was one of three purifiers able to reduce pollen by over 90% at a very low cost per purifier.

While it’s not the most powerful purifier on the market, it’s great for small rooms. It can purify 220 square feet in an hour, meaning it’ll take two hours to cleanse a larger bedroom.

This purifier is great for people with pets. It offers three types of filters: Antibacterial, Pet Allergy, and Original. These are relatively easy to swap out and are some of the cheapest air filter replacements we tested.


Good value for money 80%
Three types of filters available 70%
Good for kid's bedrooms 63%
Light at top 68%


Can't purify large rooms as quickly as other models 85%
Doesn't have any additional features 69%
Smaller purifier with short cord 60%

Afloia Air Purifier FAQs

That’s why my wife bought it – but it is only good for a small room. Nice product, but not super powerful.
The outside is a white tightly woven fabric. The inside has a black fiber. It is not the old timer charcoal… that smells. If I don’t have the filter on my little grandson coughs. It’s so quiet…really gets rid of odors..really strong odors from cooking. Now have two getting a third. One of my Best Buy’s.
Thanks for purchasing Afloia air purifier! It means that the filter needs to be replaced. Please turn off the air purifier, replace with a new filter, turn on the machine and then keep pressing the power button until the blinking red light disappears, to reset the filter.
I use my machine only 8 hours at nite…still same filter after 3 months. Love this machine.

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