AirFree T800 Filterless Silent Air Purifier

The AirFree T800 is a good choice for those with severe allergies or who want to use the air purifier without having to clean it on a regular basis.

It has no air filters or fans, so there’s no dirt or dust that needs to be cleaned off of surfaces after you’re done using it. It also has no fans, so it doesn’t make any noise.

The trade-off with this model is that it’s not as powerful as some of the other purifiers we tested. If there’s something in your home that you need to get rid of quickly, this unit might not be able to get the job done in one day like some other purifiers can.

However, if you’re someone who doesn’t have time to regularly clean their air purifier, then this one is a good choice.


No filters or fans to clean 80%
Silent 70%
Kills allergens better than any other purifier we tested 63%
est for those who want a peaceful bedroom 68%


Not as powerful as other purifiers 85%
Expensive compared to other purifiers in this roundup 69%
Requires outlets near where it will be used 60%

AirFree T800 Filterless Silent Air Purifier FAQs

It doesn’t use a fan and is only 42W, which is less than most light bulbs. I have not noticed any difference in our bill and run more than one in the house constantly. (Terrific for allergy sufferer’s too) This also does not require a filter of any kind! So it’s quite a substantial savings with that alone as compared to buying an expensive Hepa filter replacement .
we have it in about a 12 x 12 bedroom that we keep the door shut on because of the air cleaner. It’s always fresh smelling in there and seems to have helped my son’s sinus issues somewhat. I’m thinking of putting one in every room!
The “plug style” is an American 120 volt plug that plugs into any 2 or 3 prong outlet. It will only work in American 120 volt outlets.
It gives the size room that it covers- if it’s more than 120 sq. Ft, then yes!

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