AirTamer A310 Rechargeable Personal Air Purifier

It‘s hard not to love the AirTamer A310 Personal Air Purifier. It‘s lightweight, fashionable, and does a great job cleaning the air in your space.

It also comes with a convenient carrying pouch that can be worn around your neck or on your shoulder. The bag is large enough to hold the purifier, its charging cable, and the instruction manualwhich tells you how to use it in theHome,”Office,”OntheGo,” andInShower modes.

In Home mode, you set the purifier on its stand. In Office mode, you strap it onto the strap so it hangs in front of you like a bag. OntheGo mode is just like Office mode, except you wear it as a bag. Finally, InShower mode has you strap it to the showerhead so it cleans the steamy air that comes out of the showerhead.

(We didn‘t test this mode because we don‘t know anyone who showers every day.) While we love its versatility, we wished there was a way to lock it into place when worn on your neck so it doesn‘t swing around. Other than that, we had no complaints about this purifier.

It‘s powerful enough to remove various bad odors from the airlike cigarette smoke and cat litterand it‘s quiet enough that it doesn‘t distract you while you work.


Lightweight 80%
Fashionable 70%
easily wearable while on the go 63%
Long lasting battery 68%


Can't set it to run continuously 85%
Doesn't lock into position while worn on your neck 69%
Can't eliminate all allergens 60%

AirTamer A310 Rechargeable Personal Air Purifier FAQs

The AirTamer Personal Air Purifier is for personal use and will help with pet odors only if you have an issue with the smell or have an allergic reaction to their hair and dander. To remove pet odors from a large space (i.e. room), I would recommend a full size air purifier.
The Airtamer does not actually “filter” anything. It produces ions that add a charge to air particles. This causes them to be attracted to and attached to oppositely charged items, such as surrounding walls, furniture, etc. I see no reason why this should not work with spores or mold. Since it is a static type device, it is likely to be most effective if you are stationary for a period of time and there is not much air movement, such as in a church service, a movie theater, an airplane, or sitting and reading at home.
We do not recommend that the AirTamer be worn by infants. There is no risk from the operation of AirTamer, in fact, it will keep the air cleaner for the infant, but the concern rests with the infant putting the AirTamer unit or lanyard in their mouth and thus causing a choking hazard. It is completely safe to use AirTamer around the infant (e.g. if you wear it when your baby is near you) so long as the choking risk is recognized and responsibly managed. Negative ions emitted from AirTamer will not harm an infant and only help keep the air cleaner.
“ON” and charging indicator lights: blinking green light indicates cleaning mode; red light indicates charging mode.

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