Ozone air purifiers are known to offer the best in cleaning ability and are also known to be highly efficient.

These are known to be very useful in eliminating all the harmful pathogens in the air and help in keeping the surroundings germ free.

These are known to be highly efficient in eliminating all kinds of bacteria, viruses and various other harmful pathogens from the environment and hence are known to be extremely useful in maintaining a clean and safe environment.

1. What is ozone?

Ozone is a gas that is produced by the interaction of oxygen and UV rays from the sun. Ozone is a natural phenomenon which is present in the upper atmosphere and protects us from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

However, ozone is a harmful pollutant at ground level. It is is a toxic gas that can cause a number of health problems. It is also highly reactive and destroys a number of organic compounds.

2. Why use ozone air purifiers?

Ozone air purifiers use ozone to eliminate harmful particles and gases from the air. The ozone purifier generates ozone and releases it into the air. The ozone molecules attach to the harmful particles and gases, breaking them down.

If you are curious about the effectiveness of ozone air purifiers, see our detailed comparison of ozone air purifiers.

3. Are ozone air purifiers safe?

Ozone air purifiers are safe because they are incapable of emitting ozone unless they are specifically designed to do so.

So, the answer to the question “are ozone air purifiers safe?” is a simple “yes”.

4. Are ozone air purifiers safe for babies?

Yes, ozone air purifiers are safe for babies.